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  • Rhenus Project Logistics

  • Rhenus Project Logistics

  • Rhenus Project Logistics

Rhenus Project Logistics – We make it happen

Rhenus Project Logistics is a specialist company within the Rhenus Group. It is your partner for heavy-duty transport services and project logistics. Rhenus looks after individual transport services by road or inland waterway – or comprehensive projects that require complex preliminary planning and extraordinary experience. The scope of these projects is huge and they include the following sectors: plant and mechanical engineering, the construction sector, oil, gas and wind power.

We have business centres around the globe because we are part of the Rhenus Group. We also rely on our huge network of specialist project partners. You obtain our services from one source, whether they involve inland waterway, coastal or deep-sea shipping, project logistics chains, transhipping heavy goods or transporting goods with excess dimensions or weights. We make our engineers’ technical expertise available to you so that we can support you in planning the logistics for your sensitive products from the outset.

OUR Services…

We grow in line with our customers’ needs; they spur us on to consistently expand our range of services. By constantly extending them, we are able to meet your standards today and in the future. Our employees have many years of experience and extensive expertise. We are constantly in dialogue with our customers and maintain close contact with them. As a result, we can recognise developments and new requirements in the market place at an early stage and adjust our logistics solutions accordingly.

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Rhenus Project Logistics

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