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Construction sector – building bridges

Regardless of whether this involves artificial construction work like canals or motorways or long-standing natural features like rivers or gorges, nearly every lengthy traffic route hits obstacles somewhere along the way. Bridges are able to overcome them. As a logistics specialist, we often use these structures to shape our transport chains in an efficient manner. However, Rhenus Project Logistics is also involved in building bridges through its work for companies in the construction sector – for example, transporting individual bridge parts to a building site.

The components needing to be moved for construction sector projects are usually very large and heavy. This calls for specialists like Rhenus Project Logistics, which are able to cope with excess and heavy-duty transport operations and transhipping heavy goods. Using their expertise, they are responsible for carefully handling the individual components between the manufacturing site and the place where they are due to be inserted in the element under construction. The Rhenus Group has already handled several major projects for the building sector, particularly in Germany and Switzerland, and it generally adopts a multi-modal approach. We make great use of inland waterway shipping in addition to trucks, which are primarily responsible for handling the last mile.

Organising building site logistics for the construction sector

We can offer you project-related management services for supplies and disposal services at major building sites based on the many years of experience that Rhenus has had in building site logistics. We deliver goods in line with needs in order to adhere to schedules; components are made available on time or in the right sequence for assembly work; and storage costs are kept as low as possible. To guarantee this, we can take over the complete management operations for suppliers and coordinate the project logistics for you from one source.

We organise the supply chain management processes so that they run smoothly at the building sites themselves. One example involves planning traffic routes sensibly. This improves the flow of traffic to and from the site and includes planning the location of building containers and parking areas, the handling equipment and intermediate storage spaces for the components used in the structure. It goes without saying that we also look after the disposal of any transport packaging or any materials that are surplus to requirements.

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