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Oil & gas – supplying your exploration sites

The demand for both renewable and fossil energy sources is growing. Some of the regions rich in oil and gas supplies are located in North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, South America, Russia and on the Caspian Sea. Technical expertise is necessary to search for and pump the raw materials – in this case, crude oil and natural gas. We support you with our logistics expertise so that you can develop your exploration sites and have the supplies on hand. We also transport components for refineries and complete oil platforms.

One major focus of this work is in North Africa. We have our own offices in the Libyan capital Tripoli and in the Tunisian coastal town of Gabès. We can handle your transport operations within the Maghreb countries by working with our partners. If needed, we can make use of our European network at any time too. As a result, we manage to combine local knowledge, extensive capacity and Western European quality standards.

Logistical support when extracting oil and gas

Our employees have many years of experience in the oil and gas sector. Our partners also have a top-quality fleet of vehicles, which not only includes trucks, but also multi-axle desert vehicles capable of transporting up to 100 tonnes, heavy-duty equipment, mobile cranes able to handle payloads of 500 tonnes, storage space and warehouses. This equipment enables us to reach even remote extraction sites without any trouble and these vehicles can also make their way to desert regions where the transport infrastructure is still underdeveloped.

But that is not the whole story: we do not just offer pure transport services from A to B, but also logistics services for oilfields. This work includes providing service containers and overnight containers for the employees working on the platforms. If required, we can also manage the supplies of spare parts. This means that we guarantee rapid deliveries of parts to the oilfield and the drilling platform and minimise costs for downtimes.

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