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Wind power – clean electricity from the air

Implementing the change in energy policy is creating huge challenges for the logistics sector too. Extremely heavy components and foundations have to be moved safely from their production site to their point of use and assembled there. We offer efficient solutions for storage, handling and transporting these units and their components for manufacturers, suppliers and operators of wind parks at sea and on land. Whether this involves individual components for wind turbines like rotor blades or pre-installed tower units, Rhenus Project Logistics can transport your goods to their destination anywhere round the globe, if required.

Using our international network, we are in a position to offer customers complete transport chains. We can fully handle your projects together – ranging from the pick-up runs to handling at ports and transporting freight by sea or inland waterway and even providing the last mile to the building site. We benefit from the fact that we have our own assets and our own modern fleet of inland waterway vessels and a variety of seaport terminals at Europe’s most important ports. For example, we transport onshore wind power towers from the heart of the country to the nearest port, tranship them on board sea-going vessels and then transport them to their place of deployment. Our employees keep their eyes of your transport chain at all times and not only handle the planning work, but the documentation and customs clearance too.

A reliable partner for those building and maintaining wind turbines

We not only offer tailor-made services for the onshore sector. The offshore sector relies on our expertise too. We can supply construction vessels for wind turbines out at sea with the necessary components to set up offshore wind parks. This applies to monopiles and the sensitive submarine cables for connecting the wind turbines with each other and with the mainland. And that is not all: we have large areas at ports that are available to provide intermediate storage for components and units at any time.

We not only provide our services when it comes to setting up new wind turbines. These units have a long-term value and are also a desirable commodity as second-hand items in many European countries. So we also transport dismantled wind turbines by inland waterway vessel or overland to their new point of use elsewhere in Europe on behalf of our customers.

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