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Terms & Conditions

  • The rates and prices enclosed within this quotation are based on the volumes, dimensions, and weights provided to us, as well as all other information provided, and are subject to increase in case these details change.
  • Our offer is based on today’s valid rates and tariff structure, is inclusive of our handling charges, and is subject to change should these change. It is further subject to change until contracted firm.  It is in accordance with today’s official rates and tariffs and in particular to unhindered methods of transportation.
  • Full freight is deemed earned and payable discountless, non-returnable, ship and/or cargo lost or not lost, and is payable upon completion of loading by telegraphic transfer into Rhenus Project Logistics' nominated bank account.
  • Wharfage, pier receiving, and terminal handling charges for Merchant’s account.
  • Terms are Hook / Hook, which means merchant is to deliver / receive the cargo alongside the vessel under reach of ship’s tackle. Merchant responsible for costs to hook on/off as fast as vessel can receive / deliver.
  • Official fees and all ad valorem charges such as taxes/duties/dues/tolls/fees/ wharfages/surcharges/etc., including value-added duties and taxes are excluded in the above quote unless otherwise specified.
  • All cargoes to be suitably packaged / prepared by merchant for export, with proper lifting lugs and sufficient lashing points that are clearly indicated, or marked for belly slinging.  Any cradles/saddles/ special bedding, as well as any special lifting devices not available onboard vessel, if required, are to be arranged and/or paid for by the merchant.  Exact longitudinal, transverse, and vertical Centers of Gravity to be clearly indicated on all over-dimensional and heavy-lift cargoes.  All cargoes to have proper shipping marks.
  • Subject to final packing list, including drawings and Master’s approval of stowage.  Shipment on deck at merchant’s risk & expense without liability to Rhenus Project Logistics or the Carrier for any loss and/or damage however caused.
  • Not included in our offer is customs clearance at destination, SLVS insurance, or marine insurance. Additional war risk insurance on vessel, if any, for Merchant’s account.
  • Our offer based on first class vessel availability at time of shipment.
  • Carrier’s option to deviate from the direct route also for the purpose of loading/discharging other cargoes, as well as to bunker.  Shipment on/under deck at carrier’s option.
  • Our truckers require “In Plant” clearances with sufficient compaction for delivery of the cargo. Pricing is subject to permit approval (if required).  Permits may take up to 3 weeks to obtain is some states, if load is in superload category.  We are not responsible for any delays due to permitting, route changes, weather delays or unforeseen construction delays along permit route.
  • Transaction is undertaken according to our normal terms and conditions which are printed overleaf of our transmittal letter, as well as the terms & conditions of our vendors, which can be provided upon request.  Further, carrier’s Conline Booking Note and Bill of Lading terms and conditions to apply.
  • All cargoes to be measured at the extremes for the purpose of calculating cargo volume.  Carrier’s measure and weight to be used for calculation of freight charges.
  • All cargo must be packed / prepared suitably for its intended method of transport.
  • Rhenus Project Logistics exempts itself from any and all additional costs occurred beyond our control, such as but not limited to FORCE MAJEURE, war, riots, strikes, severe weather conditions / catastrophes, flooding, lightening, etc.  Any additional costs incurred as a direct result of these conditions are for the account of the client.
  • Additional costs occurred beyond the control of Rhenus Project Logistics, such as unpredictable and extensive increases in prices of essential goods on the world market, such as bunkers, oil, gas, timber, etc. will be passed on accordingly to the client.
  • Any arbitration or disputes will be limited to Russian Arbitration Association.

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