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Shipments with excess dimensions or weights – together we are strong

One major focus of the work performed by Rhenus Project Logistics is on shipping goods with excess dimensions or extreme weights across Europe, particularly to Eastern Europe and most of all to Russia. We also handle road shipments of heavy-duty goods on other continents. Our office in Hanau in the German state of Hessen near Frankfurt/Main acts as the centre for managing shipments with excess dimensions or heavy weights. Starting with the planning work for your consignment, moving on to obtaining the permits from the road traffic authorities and even completing the project, we remain very firmly in control of the situation. This means that there is one contact partner and total transparency for you.

We work with qualified partners to make available the necessary equipment when organising consignments with excess dimensions or heavy weights. This provides you with a major benefit: we are very flexible when selecting the right partner and its types and combinations of vehicles and this helps us reduce the costs for our customers.

We can lift your consignments with excess dimensions and heavy weights

There are different national regulations governing the transportation of consignments with excess dimensions and heavy weights. This particularly affects the vehicles that have to accompany the convoy, drivers’ rest periods and special rules for travelling during the day and night. There are also restrictions for XXL consignments on many roads and bridges because of the state of the infrastructure. We are ideally prepared to handle this because of our many years of experience in planning and handling consignments with excess dimensions or heavy weights and we can rapidly respond if any restrictions occur en route.

120 truckloads of heavy goods had to be transported from Germany and Turkey to Ukraine. This is “business as usual” for Rhenus Project Logistics – and we can also provide help with customs clearance. Or it was necessary to move heavy plant sections from the east coast of China to Uzbekistan. We were able to supply about 100 trucks to move the heavy goods to Uzbekistan overland. Because of our close-knit network within the corporate group, we can make use of different companies and their local expertise in the countries concerned.

Are you planning to ship heavy goods somewhere and need expert logistics support? We accompany you where you need us, because we aim to grow with our customers. As a result, we work closely with our customers to tap into new areas where we have not been active in the past. Get in touch with us!

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