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  • Rhenus Project Logistics

  • Rhenus Project Logistics

Handling heavy goods – we can lift your project loads

Photos of companies loading and unloading heavy items consistently impress viewers. Project logistics experts move consignments weighing several hundred tonnes between different modes of transport, at storage areas or the components’ final point of use, depending on the purchase order. Even if the human beings are almost inconspicuous on the photos in comparison with the cranes and project loads being transferred, it is only possible to achieve success with exact planning provided by the project specialists and then putting these plans into practice for the heavy goods.

Rhenus Project Logistics draws up tailor-made project logistics chains to accommodate your requirements. The major challenges not only involve transporting items with abnormal dimensions and weights, providing assembly and intermediate storage space and organising the supply chain, but also handling the goods in such a way that no damage occurs. The many years of experience that our employees have in this field of work and the capacity available within the complete Rhenus Group help us to meet these standards.

Efficient equipment for handling heavy goods

The Rhenus Group is a full-service provider and Rhenus Project Logistics uses the Group’s port terminals; they are particularly important to enable us to handle heavy goods in an efficient manner. We are experts in the project business and use competent port logistics providers within the Rhenus Group to handle your transhipment tasks at our own inland waterway ports and seaports. Investments already made in efficient equipment or those in the planning stage enable us to handle the movement of heavy goods – including your products. Slewing luffing cranes, mobile port cranes and the gantry cranes, which are able to lift particularly heavy loads, are just a few examples of the assets available at our business sites.

If it is impossible to completely handle the project that you have entrusted to us using Rhenus’ own facilities, we work closely with partners all over the world. We employ other port terminals, logistics space and special cranes acquired in the market place to supplement our range of services and make them even more flexible. We are more than happy to manage the pick-up and final delivery runs for your heavy goods within a project logistics chain. If you only want to entrust the latter to us, we at Rhenus Project Logistics are still available to support you with our expertise as your specialist contact partner.

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