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  • Rhenus Project Logistics

  • Rhenus Project Logistics

  • Rhenus Project Logistics

Inland waterway shipping – transporting heavy goods on rivers and canals

Inland waterway shipping has played a major role in the makeup of transport chains for a very long time. The historical roots of the Rhenus Group, which now has global operations, go back to the rivers Rhine, Main and Neckar. We have continually expanded our range of products for this means of transport and they are once again a key element in our spectrum of logistics services. Inland waterway vessels are able to ship large volumes, so they are ideally suited to transporting particularly heavy and large goods covered by the project business at Rhenus.

However, cargo capacity is not the only benefit of inland waterway shipping. It is not always possible to transport goods overland because of inadequate infrastructure conditions on roads and bridges and the special demands of heavy goods transport operations. If this scenario arises after a careful analysis of the route, we make use of the transport opportunities provided by the inland waterway network in the Eurasian region.

Regular departures on inland waterways

Our customers also benefit from the very broad array of Rhenus inland waterway shipping services. Because we have our own shipping space within the corporate group and operate scheduled departures, we are able to offer you payload capacity at short notice. These facilities allow us to meet your transport needs in a flexible way – and keep costs as low as possible because we can then improve the load factors on board our vessels. We can add your consignments to our existing services without any problems.

There are set departure times for inland waterway vessels on the Central European network of canals and on the river Danube at least once a week. The service frequency is even higher on the river Rhine and we can offer you transport space for your project loads on a daily basis. As we operate both seaport and inland waterway port terminals within the Rhenus Group, we also provide links between inland waterway services and coastal shipping, which offers a sensible alternative for many transport operations. If it is not possible to provide a logistics chain with our own assets, we have access to capacity available in the market place and the services provided by its partner firms.

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