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  • Rhenus Project Logistics

  • Rhenus Project Logistics

  • Rhenus Project Logistics

Chartered and scheduled sea freight services – top quality at a good price

The value of plant and machines in the project load business is often extremely high. It is therefore all the more important to ensure that the freight arrives at its destination without any damage occurring. Does your project load need to go from Europe to Asia or from South America to Australia by sea-going vessel? We will help you find the suitable provider.

We have very good contacts with international shipping companies thanks to our many years of experience. Because the complete Rhenus Group transports enormous volumes of goods by sea, we are able to make use of good shipping rates with operators of scheduled maritime services. We can offer you the scheduled service to exactly meet your requirements. Our network not only includes the well-known major shipping companies, but also smaller firms and shipping companies with special vessels for unusually heavy goods. This enables us to combine high quality with fair prices.

We also have great expertise in the field of chartering sea freight services. You can either book the complete hold on board a vessel or just part of it. We do not leave you alone when it comes to planning the correct stowage for your heavy goods either. The skilled employees in our technology department, including trained shipbuilding engineers, can provide all-round advice and support. We draw up professional stowage plans with our customers and discuss the smallest details with you – e.g. what kind of stowage and lashings are required – so that your goods survive the journey unharmed. We leave no stone unturned!

Technical advice for transporting goods on chartered sea freight and scheduled services

Our technical advice provides you with particularly high safeguards for your transport operations. For example, when transporting several cranes that were more than 50 metres high from Europe to North Africa, we worked out during detailed discussions how they should be loaded and stowed on board, how high the G-forces at the highest point were and the maximum height of the waves that could be expected on the route. As a result, we determined before the departure when the vessel would have to head for a port if the waves became too high.

But we not only protect your load – our health and safety standards are a top priority for us at all times too. We are committed to the HSE health and safety standards and we can adapt them to meet the wishes of our customers. In addition to performing regular HSE audits, Rhenus also has certification as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and therefore benefits from simplified customs procedures; they provide many advantages for our customers.

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Rhenus Project Logistics

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