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Seaworthy packaging – protection at sea

Wet, heat, cold or high seas: goods in transit on board ships are sometimes subject to very intense stresses and strains, depending on the transport route and the time of year. The freight is also exposed to tough conditions when being moved from one mode of transport to another. It is necessary to pack many items to withstand the weather and impacts, because of possible vibrations or fluctuations in temperature or climatic changes. We can handle the seaworthy packaging of your heavy-duty goods in line with the HPE packaging standards. This is particularly true of bulky parts with large dimensions, which do not fit in standardised containers. This enables us to provide high-quality, perfect packaging to meet your requirements and protect your freight.

Many items, which do not fit in a container because of their size, their weight or their structure, need protection from the effects of wind and weather. As a result, we package your goods so that they do not slip, are impervious to the elements and will arrive safely at their point of use. We individually adapt our packaging services to your goods in transit. Different types of materials enable us to make the best selection for a customer’s heavy goods. Whether this involves machines, tanks or plant, our seaworthy packaging not only keeps moisture at bay, but also absorbs possible impacts to protect sensitive components.

Seaworthy packaging so that your goods arrive safely

After measuring the excess dimensions or weight of your heavy goods, we manufacture individual transport boxes made of wood. We also pack your goods in film. Drying agents protect goods from moisture and prevent any possible corrosion of metals. We also make steel frames for very heavy items so that we can lift the load, tranship it more easily by crane and lash it down. Your heavy goods will not depart until everything has been securely stowed.

You decide where we should carry out the packaging work. We are more than happy to provide the seaworthy packaging for your goods at our port centres, which have the necessary crane equipment to handle heavy goods. There is another benefit too: our ports have adequate storage areas to accommodate your goods temporarily prior to their journey. Or we can come to your premises with our packaging experts and pack your unit on the spot. We then transport it to the nearest port by truck or inland waterway vessel prior to its journey to its final destination.

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