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Checking routes – if something does not fit, we make sure it will

All roads lead to Rome, as the saying goes. However, the best transport route is not always immediately apparent. Many factors affect the transportation of items from A to B and the costs. This applies even more to heavy-duty items, which are not permitted to travel on just any route. Not every road is suitable for extremely heavy shipments and not every bridge is suitable for handling XXL loads. That is why we look for and check the most suitable route to meet your standards and requirements – and not just theoretically, but practically too.

Rhenus Project Logistics offers its customers detailed checks on routes so that nothing is left to chance during the transport operations. We analyse and test sections of the route before we apply for the necessary permits and organise the means of transport. Our experienced employees take into account the individual complexity, the costs, the duration of the journey and the safety on potential routes. We not only check routes in Germany, but also across borders – for example, from Western to South-Eastern Europe or right across the United States of America.

Erring on the side of caution with our route checks

Our employees set off with their laser measuring devices and drive along potential routes to ensure that your consignment does not come to a standstill. We measure the heights and widths of bridges, bend radii and check suitable parking opportunities for intermediate stops, for example; after all, only a few car parks are able to handle the special dimensions of project loads. This ensures that your consignment remains on course later on.

We sort out the final details related to possible routes by discussing matters with the road transport authorities. We clearly document our results for our customers with photos and descriptions, which, for example, contain the dimensions and information about the load rating on bridges. Our feasibility study also lists detours, which provide an alternative route or involve a different means of transport. Alternative routes provide a higher degree of safety if unforeseen events occur, like the temporary closure of roads or restrictions caused by the weather; these can make individual sections of the route impassable. This ensures that you and your products are ideally prepared for the subsequent transport operations.

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